I offer professional human translation in the following language pairs:

    • English to Russian
    • English to Ukrainian

    You will get quality checked translation of:

    • Technical and legal documents
    • Marketing materials
    • Website or software content.

    You can send your files in the following formats:

    • .doc/.docx
    • .rtf
    • .xls/xlsx
    • .ppt/.pptx
    • .txt
    • .pdf
    • .html/.htm/.shtml
    • .properties
    • .resx
    • .xml
    • and many more.

    Following are specific translation services you can benefit from.

    Translation into both Russian and Ukrainian
    As a translator equally native in Russian and Ukrainian, I offer you a double benefit. If you need the same content translated for both Russian and Ukrainian markets, I can offer high quality translations that will be as consistent as can be.

    Translation into English
    I can translate your content from Ukrainian or Russian into English for your reference only. This proved to be invaluable for translation of texts written in a terrible mixture of Russian and Ukrainian only a native speaker of those languages can ‘decipher’.

    Update: Please see my new technical translation web-site that is up and running and replaces this one.

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