There are many engineers, linguists, translators. But the person who combines all three skills wants finding. I invested my time and energy in getting technical and philological education, as well as in mastering translation theory & practice and translation software. This enabled me to successfully provide translation services to my customers since 2002.

    The documents are in Russian and Ukrainian. However, you don’t need to know those languages, because I prepared a short description of each credential in English.

    Electrical Engineer’s Diploma

    This document says I graduated from the Technical College with diploma cum laude.

    Years of study: 1993 to 1997
    Degree: Bachelor
    Specialty: Electrical Engineer

    Controls and Instrumentation Engineer’s Certificate

    This is to certify I am a Grade III Controls and Instrumentation Engineer.

    Linguist’s Diploma

    I graduated from the Institute of Foreign Languages with diploma cum laude.

    Among other subjects, I took a course in Translation Theory and Practice.

    Years of study: 1997 to 2002
    Degree: Specialist
    Specialty: Teacher of English, French and World Literature

    Diploma of Honor

    For a major contribution to creation of “Golden Intellectual Fund” of Donbass.

    Postgraduate Certificate

    I studied cognitive linguistics and Anglo-Saxon poetry. That’s where ‘wordhord’ comes from.

    Years of study: 2003 to 2007
    Specialty: 10.02.04 “Germanic Languages”

    Update: Please see my new Russian translator web-site that is up and running and replaces this one.

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