Mykhailo Voloshko, engineer and linguist, English to Russian and Ukrainian professional translator since 2002

    I am easy to get in touch with. As a full-time professional translator, I constantly monitor my email, even on the go. So you can expect a quick answer to your email within working hours and beyond.

    You have a choice of three quick contact options:

    1. Live Chat: Even if I’m offline there, you’ll be able to send a message that I will receive within seconds. Please use the Live Chat button in the header to contact me any time
    2. Email: You can send your message from your preferred email application to my email addresses: mvoloshko@wordhord.com or mvoloshko@gmail.com
    3. Contact Form: It’s a quick and easy way to contact me right from this page. Please fill in the required fields, so I could get back to you
      as soon as possible

    Update: Please see my new Ukrainian translator’s web-site that is up and running and replaces this one.

    Please leave a message


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